The First Birthday Party in Khaosan Chitose

Written by on 2016/08/28

Hello! This is Naoki writing!

2 days ago we had for two of our lovely staff! Hikari and Delphine! Hikari just turned 2x and Delphine just turned 2x! You can just guess the ‘x’, it’s a confidential information and I’m not really authorized to share this with you. Their picture is below so ask them by yourself when you meet them!


Delphine’s birthday is actually on 24th while Hikari is on 26th so we decided to have the party on the day between. We had every staff to cook a dish from their countries!

We had dishes from Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and France! Oh but someone seems to be a bit confused where she’s from because she made a Korean dish…(eventhough she is Japanese). Anyway, all the foods were amazingly good!

Everyone is having fun and had their stomach full that night!

Take a look at the photos we took that night!





We wish you had a good day on your birthday and we wish you all the best for your future!

That’s it for now, even though you never meet them we wish that you include them in your prayers for their birthday!

Thank you for reading this article and hope you are having a great day!
See you!

Naoki Higuchi