Hidden Onsen City in Japan

Written by on 2016/07/19

Are you the person who wants to go to the major places or wants to go to the minor places for tourists but where locals go?
If latter, you should come to Atami because it is an onsen city where Japanese people enjoy to take onsen since Edo period!

☟Shogun is ordering to carry the tank of Atami onsen to Edo(Tokyo) to take onsen in his house.
江戸時代 御用汲湯

In Japanese, Atami is written like this: ‘熱海’.
If you speak Japanese or Chinese you will notice that it means ‘hot sea’. It is said that in ancient times onsen(hot spring) came out from the sea. That is why the city is called ‘Atami’.

Atami is also famous for the place where many great writers spent their vacations to have relax in the past, and moreover it is famous for the area of villas nowadays.

Many events are held in Atami through the year. One of the biggest events is firework festival. You can see firework almost every months and we are going to hold it for 7 days in summer!

☟Yatai(food stand) at the festival

The good point to see firework in Atami is that it is not that crowded. It’s not because we don’t have much tourists in Atami, all the accommodation in Atami is always fully booked, but since this city is on the hill, instead of going to the beach where the festival is going on, you can see firework from the place where you are staying at. Even from your room!
Some people say Atami is not very convenient because of the hill slope, but I know that sometimes THAT hill slope makes a good result!
We have movies on our Facebook page how we can see firework from our place or at the beach.
Please check it out!

I would like to tell you one more thing about hill slope. I said Atami is famous for onsen. It became so because of the hill slope. The slope brought onsen from the hill to every single ryokan (Japanese inn) to let travelers to have relax at their place.

If you know the history, your trip will be much more fun and meaningful!

Japan is not only for manga, technology, samurai and so on.
We have many interesting stories in each cities and towns as your country do!

Hope you will be interested in us and visit to Atami in near future!

<At the beach. We are always doing something fun(crazy)! haha!>