Group Booking Request Page: For All Group Travelers more than 10 people!!

Are you planning a student trip for your class? Does your sports team need a place to stay?
Khaosan Hostel Group provide inexpensive, friendly and fun accommodating experience for groups who wish to stay comfortably in Japan.
Our group booking team would be pleased to find your ideal room at any of our branches, located throughout central Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.
For any inquires, please contact us via group booking request form below.

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Why Book With Khaosan Group? = Fast Quotes, Best Deals & Lowest Group Rates Guaranteed!!

We have numerous different room types. Catering to groups as small as 3 people, up to private rooms that fit more than 10 people.
Want to try out Japanese futon mattress? How about bunk beds or capsule type beds? Various bed types are available for your choosing.
At our branches we provide the best facilities and unique events for our guests. Through hostel events in common spaces to relax, perhaps you meet new people and can have as much fun inside the hostel as outside!
We serve you a simple breakfast. It basically includes breads, cereal, fruits and drinks.
If you have further request for breakfast, feel free to ask us! Our team try our best to answer any type of request.
Our team at Khaosan are all friendly and knowledgeable about their respective cities and would be happy to help you find local food, activities, nightlife, events, shopping and make any other travel recommendations!

Private Room
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Private Room
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Private Room
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Private Room
(Japanese + Bunk Bed)

Large Room
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Large Room
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Khaosan Group Hostel Network: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto

Khaosan Group has 9 branches in total. They are located in central parts of Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.
All branches are situated in great locations with easy access to major sightseeing spots, exhibitions, event venues, and shopping hotspots.