Group Booking


Travelling with more than 8 friends?
Contact us to check availability and book.

First of all, please read Group Booking Policy.

Group Booking Policy
Khaosan Group has a cancellation policy especially to groups with more than 8 people.
Room rate for the first 2 nights will be charged as soon as the group booking is confirmed.
It is non-refundable or non-replaceable in any event of cancellation / booking arrangement / No show / reduction in numbers of guests.

*Dormitory Rooms
When you book 2 or more beds in dorm, we cannot guarantee that your entire group can be in the same dorm room. Please book private room(s) if you wish to secure that everyone in your group is going to stay in the same room.

*The remainder of the amount will be charged upon check-in in CASH.
Please make sure to prepare the balance before arrival.
We are afraid that we cannot allow you to pay separately.

*The person who made the reservation needs to be here when the group checks in.

*Please note that some of our facilities (bathroom/kitchen/dining room etc.) are shared and most beds are bunk beds.

Contact Form
Click the name of area to Contact Form.

【Tokyo Area】
Booking Form of Asakusa Area
Booking Form of Ryogoku Area

【Kansai Area】
Booking Form of Tennoji Area
Booking Form of Namba Area
Booking Form of Kyoto Area

【Hokkaido Area】
Booking Form of Sapporo & Chitose Area

【Kanazawa Area】
Booking Form of Kanazawa Area

【Atami Area】
Booking Form of Atami Area

*Please ask us directly about the group booking, then we will tell you if we have available room or not.
*Maximum online group bookings for 8 people.