Winter Trip to Hokkaido—-6 reasons to stop over at Chitose

Written by on 2016/11/30

Hello, everyone. How is your life going on ???
This is Challin, a crazy foreign girl who is living in Hokkaido, Japan.
Time flies, winter this year has began and Hokkaido has already became a crazy FREEZING SNOW WORLD since November .

Are you ready to getaway from your country to enjoy the beautiful/exciting/romantic winter in Hokkaido?

I guess most of you are can’t wait to visit
Sapporo (Perfect destination for Winter City Life, Fun Snow Festival, Awesome Night  Out Life)
Niseko(The best for winter sport, powder snow, SKIING,DRINKING,SKIING,DRINGKING )
Akan Lake(Fishing, Riding(snow mobile), standing on the Ice Lake Akan)
Ice Village(Drinking in the Ice Bar, Staying in Ice Hotel)
Hakodate(Romantic ambiance, Fish Market and the famous nightview from the mount )

Well, that is many things to do in Hokkaido in Winter and i guess you are so excited for everything but you might find out Hokkaido actually is really big and it is not so easy to do a perfect planning for the moving schedule.

Transportation is the thing in Hokkaido.
(Trains don’t run much, LCC flight either fly way too early or  way too late…etc)

So, i would like to introduce a perfect location for you to stop over either you are on the way to Sapporo, Niseko, Hakodate or the way back to airport to take the flight .



REASON 1: Convenient JR Train Station

JR chitose station connects different JR line and you may get to New Chitose Airport(7 mintues), Sapporo in 30 minutes(direct train), Otaru in 1 hour (direct train), Noboribetsu (1and half hour direct train) etc.

REASON 2: Perfect for early departure flight and late arrival flight

15 minutes driving distance from airport and you will never need to worry if you missed the last train or bus, you may get a taxi to Chitose town from airport within 2000yen.(If you have four, that is 500yen for each)
**Please don’t ever think about to take a taxi to Sapporo from New Chitose airport, that will cost you really a lot.

REASON 3: Authentic Hokkaido Town 

The local festival in summer. (You may see the real festival which is not for tourist). I look forward winter festival though.
Check this little town to see how the REAL LIFE IS GOING in Hokkaido.
Small local bar, authentic hokkaido cusine in small restaurant which is ran by old man or old ladies who will treat you as their son or daughter.

REASON 4: Convenience store everywhere

You might think convenience store everywhere in Japan, i am going to tell you that Hokkaido is an exception. You hardly find convenience store in some town in Hokkaido(besides big town) so you will never get stuck in  Chitose.

REASON 5: Beautiful Shikotsu Lake just around

Have you heard about Shikotsu Lake?
This is the only lake in Hokkaido which does not freeze even throughout Hokkaido’s harsh winter.
Well-known hot spring is available near Shikotsu Visitor center.
I am so sure that to have a natural hot spring in Hokkaido winter will lead you to seventh heaven.(LOL)


Japan biggest hostel chain KHAOSAN GROUP  has a branch in Chitose town.
They are not only provide typical dormitory room but also private room in very reasonable price.(Even in the high season, they never go too high like others)

Huge common space for hanging around !!!!

Of course, their common area is huge and comfortable.
Well equip kicthen makes you easy to make something by yourself.
(Big supermarket is just 3 minutes away)

The most important, the staff all speaks english and most of them like traveling, They will so much happy to talk to you.

Special hot tea service during winter season.

Hope the information above will be useful for your winter trip in Hokkaido.
Stay tuned and i will write more about Hokkaido.

See you around!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺