The Reason Why You Should Go to The Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival

Written by on 2016/03/08

Hokkaido has more than just 1 winter festival:
This is what happens when you put together subzero temperatures, a lot of water, colorful lights and some crazy minds: The Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival


Until March 27th you can enjoy the ice sculptures and buildings at the small Onsen town of Sounkyo, located in Daisetsuzan National Park, 2 hours from the town of Asahikawa. On an area of 10.000㎡, you can find a lot of different buildings made of ice and snow, some even two or three stories high!


There are temples…


…and ice bar…


…and wild animals!


The main attraction this year is a 3 story building, with several rooms, a throne, balconies and a couple of surprises.






The buildings and the layout of the festival change every year, though you can always find a snow tubing run and a stage built of snow where various events, like Hyobaku drums or Ainu ethnic dances, are held. There are also fireworks on weekends and you can drink hot drinks to keep you warm.


This is one of the coldest parts of Hokkaido, so be sure to bring really warm clothes! It’s also one of the snowiest regions in Hokkaido, so there is some amazing powder waiting for the skiers and snowboarders amongst you. The small ski resort of Kurodake in almost 2000m height is fun for everyone!


Don’t miss out on this spectacular event.
It’s great as a day trip from Asahikawa. If you stay in Sounkyo over night, you can also use the shuttle buses from Sapporo.

More information here (Japanese only)

Written by Irene