名前: 佐伯 莉那
Name: Rina Saeki
出身地: 札幌
Country (Home town): Sapporo

What were you doing before you joined Khaosan? (In as much detail as possible)

I palyed hockey and traveled some contries to participate in world champinships. After the experiencing I started interested in another cultures and flew to Portland OR, US after the graduation from highschool. Then I transferd one of the Canadian University as an athletic student, ended up with finishing the University soon after and went back to Japan started working in life insurance marketing. And now I am working with wonderful stuff at Khaosan! 🙂

Your favorite travel memories (Most ●● things on your travel, which country did you experience it, your story, your favorite food on your travel, etc…)

My favorite travel is west coast of United States. I was able to see lots nature and the cities at the same time. Grand Cannyon was one of the most amzing view I’ve ever seen. And I had so much fun in Las Vegas! We stayed up whole night for two days staright in Casino.


What do you like about Japan? (Where? Why?)

I definitly like Hokkaido and I am so happy to call it is where I’m from. We have delicious food, breathtaking nature and nice people needless to say. If I could only point one place, I would say Okushiri island is the best in Hokkaido.



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