Questions about Khaosan Tokyo Original

Is there any convenience store near your guest house?
* There are convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and 100YEN shops nearby.
* There are the biggest supermarket and 100YEN shop in Asakusa within 10min walk from our hostel. (You could get anything from these 2 shops!)

Is there any bank? Where do I exchange and withdraw money?
* Banks (Around Asakusa station, and withdrawal via ATM and money exchange are avaialble.)
* Post office (It’s right behind our hostel and just 30 sec walk. Money exchange and withdrawal via ATM are available.)
* Seven Eleven (24 hours available ATM for withdrawal.)

Is Internet available in your hostel? How about WI-FI?
* There are 3 computers in the living room. (Free of charge, 24hours)
* Free WI-FI access is also available at any floor in our hostel.)

Do you provide linens? Does room fare include them?
* Room fare includes linens such as pillow case, bed sheets, and blankets.
(Bath towels are available at reception : 300JPY / Each)

Is there curfew in Khaosan Tokyo Original?
* There is no curfew in our hostel, yet be considerate for other guests during the night time.
Is there any coin-operated laundry nearby or in your hostel?
* A coin-operated washing machine is available on the 3rd floor in our hostel. (11:00 – 20:00)
* There are hangers for clothing on the roof top. (8:00 – 21:00)
* There are laundromats with dryers nearby.
It located in 10 min walk from our hostel. (200YEN / Wash)

Do you provide amenities such as shampoo, soap, and etc… ?
* We are afraid that we do not provide any amenities, yet you could get anything at 100YEN shop within 5 minute walk.

Is there any rental cycle service available?
* There is a public rental-cycle service, and it’s 3 min walk from our hostel.
* Rate : 200 YEN / Day, 500 YEN / Week
Where are the guests from?
* Our guests are from many countries such as Japan , Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Austria Germany, Switzerland, China, the United States, Canada, Thailand, South Korea, Egypt, Colombia, Britain, Prans , Italy, Poland, India, Finland, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, the Philippines, Mongolia and Etc…

Is that OK if it is my first time to come to Japan?
* Don’t worry about it, and be happy. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Is there any event or party in your hostel? What’s on it?
* It’s not on every night. Once in a month regularly and various kinds of parties we take place. ( Seasonal parties such as Christmas, Halloween, New year etc… )
* For further information, ask staff and check up Event notice board.