Questions about Khaosan Atami Onsen Ryokan & Hostel

Do you have parking spaces?
Yes, we have but parking spaces are limited. Therefore we recommend to contact us in advance if you plan to arrive by car.

Do you have a curfew?
No, there is no curfew. We will lock the entrance door for security reasons but you can open the door anytime with the pin-code provided upon check in. If you come back late night, please be considerate of other guests who might be sleeping.

Can I access to the Internet with my laptop?
You can access to the Internet with our free Wi-Fi (Wireless LAN) service.

Is there any convenience store near your hostel?
Sorry, unfortunately we do not have any convenience store close by. It takes a 15mins walk from our Ryokan & Hostel to the nearest convenience store. But we have a small shop that sells razors, adapters, hair brushes and clothing items. We also sell snacks, sweets, ice cream, and frozen foods made in Atami. There are vending machines which sell Japanese cup noodles, chocolate cookies, and juice in our hostel.

Can I make a reservation by phone?
We are sorry but we only accept online reservation. Please make a reservation on our website.

Is there a security locker provided in the dormitory room?
Yes, we provide a security locker for each guest in our dormitory room.

Do you provide amenities like towels, shampoo, body soap, adapters etc?
Rental Hand Towel –Free!
Rental Bath Towel -50JPY
Toothbrush /Toothpaste–Free
Yukata for adults-Free!
Razor – FREE!
Adapter – 500JPY
Detergent for laundry – Free!
Shampoo/conditioner/body soap/hair tie/swab/cotton – Free in the bathroom

Do you have a washing machine?
We have washing machines (200JPY) and a dryer (100JPY). Free detergent is available.

Do you have hair dryer?
Yes, we have a hair dryer in our common bathroom.

Do you have any children services?
We have a children space and a baby chair in our living room. In addition, we also have a bath chair for babies in our common bathroom.

Do you have an Onsen?
Yes, we have. You can enjoy our Onsen (Hot Spring) from 3PM to 11PM and 6AM to 9AM.

Do you have other bathrooms?
Yes, we have 4 unit bathrooms which are not Onsen but you can take a bath on your own.