Khaosan Sapporo Wants to Become Greener…

Written by on 2016/03/08

and we took it literally 😉
Some new plants will replace the plastic ones. It looks nicer AND also increases the air quality.


But seriously, what does “green” really mean?
For example, it would be awesome to have solar panels on the roof to generate our own energy. Unfortunately that’s not possible (yet?). But it doesn’t always have to be “big”. There are a lot of small things we can do. We started by having a look at our facilities and asked ourselves: “Do we need this? Is there a more eco-friendly version?”. Back in January, we bought reusable cups, plates and chopsticks for our parties, so we could stop using paper cups and plates.


Reduce, reuse, buying in bulks and handmade wherever possible. E.g., we have always been reusing paper and we will change to unbleached paper soon.



A great thing is also the stapler that doesn’t use any metal.


And waste is not always just waste, but can be turned into something else.


You see, eco-friendly is not only good for the environment, but it makes you creative and is fun! 😉

Written by Irene