Hi everybody, today I introduce "Atami Ume Park" which is not very far from Khaosan Atami Onsen Ryokan & Hostel. Ume (japanese apricot) blossoms are already blooming beautifully in Atami. Atami is known for ume blossoms blooming earlier than any other place in Japan. ☟Ume blossoms in Atami Ume Park (19th February 2016) I went to a Ume park where you can enjoy 59 different kinds of Ume blossoms. Since there are 472 Ume trees in the park and they bloom at the different period, You can see the flowers for two months, from January until the beginning of March. Besides Ume trees, there is a river, and bridges. These make you feel as if you are in a Japanese garden. Also there is an old Japanese house that you can actually go inside, feel comfortableness of a Tatami floor and see how Japanese people used to live. ☟This is called 'Naga-hibachi'. This one was used as a heater or to boil water. A Japanese composer, Shinpei Nakayama used to live here in 1940s. Many old ladies who were visiting this house said that his music reminded them of their childhood. During this ume blossoms event, local ladies are provide you some Japanese hot food. This Ume park is not only for Ume. You can see beautiful lightning bugs flying by the river in June and autumn leaves in November. Since the park is quite big, it took me about 1 hour to look around at all the trees. It's worth seeing! If you are not in a rush, you should try taking a foot bath which is inside the park after walking around there. Atami Baien Park 8:30am-4pm During this Ume event, entrance fee is 300yen Guests who are staying at Atami get discount: 300yen → 100yen (After 4pm to next morning 8:30, it's free!) How to get there From JR Atami station Take a bus heading to 'Ainohara houmen', get off at 'Baien' bus stop: 15 min OR By walk: 30 min From JR Kinomiya station By walk:10 min Access Written by Aya
Written by on 2016-02-24
Three weeks have passed since our newest branch, Khaosan Atami Onsen Ryokan & Hostel opened. As one of the staff who live in Atami, I would like to introduce to you what is here, what you can eat, and what you can experience in Atami. To start off, I must tell you where 'Atami' is. Atami is located in Shizuoka prefecture in the middle of Japan. It takes only 45 minutes by Shinkansen (bullet train) and 2 hours by local trains from Tokyo with no transfer. ☟JR Atami station. There is a free public foot bath at the station. The city is 61.61 km² and most parts of the city are on hillside. It is bordered on one side by the ocean and mountains on the other. As you can imagine, there are lots of slopes to walk up but the view is spectacular from everywhere in the city! ☟View from our hostel. You can see a beautiful sunrise. Atami is famous for onsen, seafood, and as an old style city. Buses are running through everywhere in the city. However I highly recommend you to walk around the city and find SOMETHING by yourself. That 'SOMETHING' could be a restaurant, scenery or could be local people. There are many hidden places/things that you won't see if you get on a bus. Atami is famous for being the earliest place in which the sakura and ume bloom and the last place in which the leaves turn red in the fall. Besides that, it's full of nature and many kinds of events are held. You can see fireworks almost every month! ☟One of the weeds in Atami which is called 'Persicaria capitata' protects us from landslides. You will find them everywhere in Atami. A small but tasteful city. I am sure you will like it a lot. Written by Aya
Written by on 2016-02-21