‘Hatsushima’ (初島) is an island where you can relax and enjoy activities. I and my friend, Risa, went to the island with no plans. We got on a felly which departed Atami port at 10:30. ↓The ticket counter for Hatsushima. ↓The ferry from Atami(熱海) to Hatsushima(初島). It was a bit cloudy but the wind is so fresh and the sea birds came close to the ferry that we could see cleary how they fly! It took only 25 minutes to Hatsushima. When we got to Hatsushima port, there were lots of restaurants along sea which provide Kaisendon ! The owner of each restaurantes are fisher men. They cook and serve tasty food by themself. We had Kaisendon with three types of seafoods on top, and seafood miso soup together. ↓The restaurant called 'Hashimotoya(はしもとや)'. ↓Kaisendon(海鮮丼) and miso soap. ↓The owner's recommendations were Kaisendon and Sashimi-Teisyoku(刺身定食). After lunch, we walked around the island. An old lady talked to us and gave us some fruites which was grown by her. People from Shizuoka prefecture are so nice and friendly! Risa-chan is also from Shizuoka :) After our relaxing time, we decied to do an activity, 'Sarutobi'. To come right to the point, you should try this! It was so much fun! This activity is located on about 5 meters high. You walk on a rope or wooden boards from one poit to the other point. You are connected to the rope from the beginning to the end so there is no worries that you might fall down. There are two stages that you can join, and each end you jump and slide down to the ground. The last one was my favourite! Even though you are not a big fan of doing hard training, you can enjoy this island! Since the island is full of nature, there are many kinds of flowers. We could see beautiful rape blossoms and cherry blossoms. If you would like to have some tea and chat or read books in the sun, you may go to the resort park 'Asian Garden'. Moreover, we must not forget about Onsen! There is a Onsen with a nice view. If you are planning to go to Hatsushima in summer, you can go to the Onsen and the pool which is located right next to the Onsen. There is a lighthouse near Sarutobi. You can see Atami city and Izu Peninsula from the top of the lighthouse. ↓A view from the lighthouse. If you are lucky, you can see Mt. Fuji, too! We left Hatsushima at 14:50. The weather was getting better, and we could see fantastic view from the ferry. ↓Atami city from the ferry. WHERE IS HATSUSHIMA? WHAT YOU CAN DO MORE in HATSUSHIMA Diving, Fishing, Camping and so on! INFORMATIONS From Atami port to Hatsushima port 25 minutes/ 2400 JPY (Two ways) Kaisendon lunch at Hashimotoya(はしもとや) Kaisendon(海鮮丼) 1600 JPY Activity 'SARUTOBI' 1600 JPY 10:00-17:00 URL: http://www.hatsushima.jp/sarutobi/ Resort park 'Asian Garden' 900 JPY 9:00-16:00 URL: http://www.hatsushima.jp/island/facilities/garden.html Lighthouse 200 JPY 9:00-16:00 URL: http://www.hatsushima.jp/see/lighthouse.html Written by Aya
Written by on 2016-03-10
Hokkaido has more than just 1 winter festival: This is what happens when you put together subzero temperatures, a lot of water, colorful lights and some crazy minds: The Sounkyo Ice Fall Festival Until March 27th you can enjoy the ice sculptures and buildings at the small Onsen town of Sounkyo, located in Daisetsuzan National Park, 2 hours from the town of Asahikawa. On an area of 10.000㎡, you can find a lot of different buildings made of ice and snow, some even two or three stories high! There are temples… …and ice bar… …and wild animals! The main attraction this year is a 3 story building, with several rooms, a throne, balconies and a couple of surprises. The buildings and the layout of the festival change every year, though you can always find a snow tubing run and a stage built of snow where various events, like Hyobaku drums or Ainu ethnic dances, are held. There are also fireworks on weekends and you can drink hot drinks to keep you warm. This is one of the coldest parts of Hokkaido, so be sure to bring really warm clothes! It's also one of the snowiest regions in Hokkaido, so there is some amazing powder waiting for the skiers and snowboarders amongst you. The small ski resort of Kurodake in almost 2000m height is fun for everyone! Don't miss out on this spectacular event. It's great as a day trip from Asahikawa. If you stay in Sounkyo over night, you can also use the shuttle buses from Sapporo. More information here (Japanese only) http://www.sounkyo.net/event/detail.php?id=3 http://www.rinyu.co.jp/modules/pico01/index.php?content_id=3 Written by Irene
Written by on 2016-03-08
Hi everybody, today I introduce "Atami Ume Park" which is not very far from Khaosan Atami Onsen Ryokan & Hostel. Ume (japanese apricot) blossoms are already blooming beautifully in Atami. Atami is known for ume blossoms blooming earlier than any other place in Japan. ☟Ume blossoms in Atami Ume Park (19th February 2016) I went to a Ume park where you can enjoy 59 different kinds of Ume blossoms. Since there are 472 Ume trees in the park and they bloom at the different period, You can see the flowers for two months, from January until the beginning of March. Besides Ume trees, there is a river, and bridges. These make you feel as if you are in a Japanese garden. Also there is an old Japanese house that you can actually go inside, feel comfortableness of a Tatami floor and see how Japanese people used to live. ☟This is called 'Naga-hibachi'. This one was used as a heater or to boil water. A Japanese composer, Shinpei Nakayama used to live here in 1940s. Many old ladies who were visiting this house said that his music reminded them of their childhood. During this ume blossoms event, local ladies are provide you some Japanese hot food. This Ume park is not only for Ume. You can see beautiful lightning bugs flying by the river in June and autumn leaves in November. Since the park is quite big, it took me about 1 hour to look around at all the trees. It's worth seeing! If you are not in a rush, you should try taking a foot bath which is inside the park after walking around there. Atami Baien Park 8:30am-4pm During this Ume event, entrance fee is 300yen Guests who are staying at Atami get discount: 300yen → 100yen (After 4pm to next morning 8:30, it's free!) How to get there From JR Atami station Take a bus heading to 'Ainohara houmen', get off at 'Baien' bus stop: 15 min OR By walk: 30 min From JR Kinomiya station By walk:10 min Access Written by Aya
Written by on 2016-02-24